Number 11


Presentación de COMUNITANIA. Revista Internacional de Trabajo Social y Ciencias Sociales

Dr. Antonio López Peláez

Director de Comunitania.

Presentation: COMUNITANIA and the Welfare State

Dr. Juan de Dios Izquierdo

Social Work Department Director at the UNED


Urban art as an instrument of empowerment and visibility. Asalto festival

Serrano-Martínez, Cecilia

Users or citizens? Intervention and participation in social politics and services

Arenas Martínez, Miguel

Gender-based violence in the life stories of women who begin their life trajectories in situations of vulnerability

Moriana Mateo, Gabriela

The consequences of bureaucratizacion in the social service organizations

Montagud Mayor, Xavier

Social Workers in Israel: protagonists and witnesses of social change in the Arab population. Analysis of focus groups and interviews with professionals in the personal social services in Galilee and Haifa

Hidalgo Lavié, Alfredo, Simonovich, Javier & Ben-Nun, Mirtha

Educational software Historits 1.0: an innovative offer to teach and to learn the history of the Social Work

Casique Rojas, Eloy & Castro, Yocelyn

“Lauream Pacis”: Peace Culture trough the Sports

Cabello Tijerina, Paris Alejandro & Sierra García, Lina Guadalupe

Traditional native medicine, its linkage with psychiatry and public health

Martínez-Salazar, Iván Noé, Acevedo-Stefanoni, Erika y Martínez-Hernández, Luis Angel


Theory of Social Work with Groups

(by: Emilio Díaz de Mera)

Mediation, Citizenship and Coexistence among Cultures

(by: Alberto José Olalde Altarejos)

Educatrici di società. Racconti di donne e di cura

(by: Fiorenza Deriu)

Social work with communities

(by: José Javier Navarro Pérez)

Governance, citizenship and participatory democracy 2014. A comparative analysis between Spain and Mexico.

(by: Juan Bautista Martínez Fernández)