Number 13


Presentación de COMUNITANIA. Revista Internacional de Trabajo Social y Ciencias Sociales

Dr. Antonio López Peláez

Director de Comunitania.

Presentation: COMUNITANIA and the Welfare State

Dr. Juan de Dios Izquierdo

Social Work Department Director at the UNED


Social work and the psychosocial effects of the economic crisis in Greece: Challenges for new radical directions in services, theory and values

Charis, Asimopoulos & Teloni, Dimitra-Dora

Social Emergency Service Proposal 24 hours 365 days in the city of Valencia

Camús Jorques, Desirée & Cortés Cerdán José Ignacio

Violence in couples Gays, Lesbians and Bisexuals: a systematic revision 2002-2012

Rodríguez Otero, Luis Manuel, Rodríguez Castro, Yolanda, Lameiras Fernández María y Carrera Fernández, María Victoria

The duties of information and arbitration on-line how mechanisms protector of consumer in the distance contract

Islas Colín, Alfredo y Sosa Olan, Henrry

Health Social Work and Health Public System: a proposal from the health management model of collaborating Mutuals with the Social Security System in Spain

Díaz de Mera, Emilio

Towards cross-cultural social work: a teaching approach for development of intercultural competences

Di Rosa, Roberta T.

Facilitators of sex education with adolescents of public secondary schools and high schools in Nuevo Leon, Mexico

De Jesús-Reyes, David & González Almontes, Esmeralda

Social intervention from a community perspective in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico

Pérez Díaz, Addiel, Ibarra López, Lizeth Guadalupe & Ramírez Ramírez, Norma Graciela

Social institutions and inequality among young people, educational level, type of occupation and intergenerational reproduction as differential elements

Sánchez Galán, F. Javier & Moreno Mínguez, Almudena


Privilege, Power, and Difference, 2nd Edition

(by: Juliet Delate Iler)

Curricular practices in the social work bachelor’s degree. Supervision and construction of knowledge from professional practice

(by: Sagrario Segado Sánchez-Cabezudo)

Risks and Social Work

(by: Ruth González Aguado)

Family authority and digital competence

(by: Aurea Anguera de Sojo)

Social inclusion policies for childhood and adolescence. An international perspective

(by: María del Rosario Auces Flores)

Undertaking, innovation and CSR in social work

(by: Sofía Montenegro Leza)